SALF provides a full range of management and advocacy services with a difference – our strategy and counsel are deeply rooted in stakeholder engagement and our campaign mindset creates actions that achieve impact and endure. In addition to services offered by our global practice groups, the below services are crucial to many of our client engagements and part of what we do on a daily basis.

What we do

The vast experience within SALF assists you in the building of corporate reputation and enhancing the profile of your senior executives. We illuminate the path that leads to a strong executive group that develop and amplify their leadership skills as well as communication tools through our training professionals. Our extensive network opens up channels that manage reputation.

Property development

Take advantage of key strategic values for your destination or business in order to attract investments and the experience capital of every investor. We define and promote the values for you, opening channels to a perfect match for your need.

Renewable Energy

Solar energy provides great added value to properties and benefit owners with a long-term perspective. We help you to analyze which surfaces are suitable for solar by making feasibility studies in different sizes. With an close eye on the market we help investors to invest in smart solutions in Sweden or in their home market.

Marketing Strategy & PR

No matter if your business is new (start-up) or if you have already been for years on the market. Every single company needs marketing in order to have a clear business path. We provide you with the best tools and strategies, in order for your business to expand and improve the way it delivers yours product.

Software & App Development

Regardless if your business have special needs demanding tailor-made IT Solutions or if you just quickly want to get started with the basics, we will make sure that the technology works exactly as you want to. Through automated flows in everything from finance to communication we can eliminate time-consuming administration.

Web Design & Branding

A well thought-out, responsive and visually appealing corporate identity and website is the foundation for successful digital marketing. We can help with your branding and website, with everything from logo and colors to responsive design and technical maintenance.

About SALF

SALF is a non profit organisation connecting business clients and executives through a network that have been built for the past 30 years.

Where are we located?

Östra Hamngatan 16, 411 09 Gothenburg

Our contact details?

Tel: +46 (0) 700 700 550

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