Feras Haddad

B.Sc in Physics and Chemistry.
Very professional and caring partner in business that always aims for the best quality in whatever he does. Long work field expiry within business development, leadership and training management in the regions Middle East and Africa.

Amar Ðelilović

B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering. Energetic and goal-oriented leader who always bring a lot of value for his customers. Has dedicated the last 5 years to creating good business opportunities for property owners who want to invest in solar energy.

Hani Sultan

Owns, develops, and manages residential and commercial properties.

Patrik Stenberg

To live for real is to meet world citizen! Good communication is to first understand before I can make myself understood. Great leadership is to create conditions for others and meet them where they are before we can take them towards next learning step!

Iyad Zaidan

A premium member in SALF

Pedro Specter

Currently connected to the artistic and media market, as well investing and providing marketing strategies to different branches from the private sector.